Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Trifecta of Lily, Laziness, and Seinfeld

ONCE and a while I like to play a little game with myself. This game is called "how much can I get done before my laptop dies". I'd liken it to the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer takes the car out of the lot and sees how far he can get on one tank of gas. Ironically, as I am writing this post I am playing this game AGAIN. I played it about fifteen minutes ago on a different laptop while I edited the photo you see below. You see, I was sitting around my house today and I looked over and saw the CUTEST face. Lily. She literally is my world. I decided to pick up the camera and snap a few photos. Despite having severely imperfect lighting and really no idea what was going to happen, I snapped away. Really, could ANY photo of this cuteness be BAD? I didn't think so. So herein began the game. I loaded the photos onto my laptop and much to my dismay it was dying. I decided to pick a random photo and edit it regardless of what it looked like AND get it finished before my laptop died. I succeeded in this first task. I switched to a different laptop (far too lazy to go and find the charger for the other one). The second challenge was to get it posted online and finish the blog post before laptop death part two (the nerve of these laptops actually expecting me to plug them in--ermergerd). If you are reading this I have succeeded! Kramer would be so proud!

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